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Buying a home

What is the process of buying a home?

We often asked this question. We have to consider various factors while buying a house. Simply finding a dream home is not the only puzzle but there are various hurdles to come till you get the keys of your home. We are there to solve all those hurdles, aware you in case of misinformation and make the process of buying easy for you.

We will answer all the questions asked by the buyers and help them to fill the gaps and make the process as smooth and possible.

How do I know the market value of the properties?

Although it might be necessary for you to go for the inspection of the home that fits your needs and wants, you should regularly go to most of the inspections that will help you to clearly understand the value of the property in that area. We have the experience to share the knowledge of the local market and it will be good for you to see yourself. This way you can better understand the properties according to your expectations and budget. After meeting with us we will attain your data up to one year at least.

How much should I tell my agent?

You should transparently tell your agent about your budget and expectations. We are always here to assist you and help you to find a perfect home. You can change your preferences according to your needs and wants at any time, but it is important for your agent to know your preferences too.

What are the legal conditions involved?

Your Solicitor will be having all the knowledge of legalities around your home purchase, but it’s better for you to have firm ideas too. You should cross check that you are satisfied with your clauses of the contract and it covers all the settlements in the time frame. In some consequences like if you refinance your home or pay mortgage early, your mortgage documents will be required.

What finance issues do I need to be aware of?

The most common financial surprise the buyers deal with is the stamp duty. This is not because it exists but it will not be included in the overall cost of the home. It would be essential for you to note the changes on how the stamp duty is calculated. As of July 1, 2019, stamp duty will be indexed in the Consumer Price Index, keeping it tied to inflation and ensuring housing tax does not increase rapidly as it has the last few decades. That could save buyers up to $500 for the next few years, with this amount expecting to grow.

What’s my

home worth?

With just few taps, get a detailed appraisal report of your property in today's modernistic market.